Question of Identity

June 26, 2019 | London

In an increasingly global world, how do we define ourselves?

In times of globalisation, the high interconnection between social economic and political factors is both a reality and a challenge. This can prompt us to question who we are and how we fit into the broader fabric of society and the world.

Globalisation is definitely challenging what we are as social human beings. As individuals feel threatened by the new emergent society, so new types of self-identities appear.

Our speakers will explore how these questions have developed an increased relevance in a world of instant access to global communication, multiculturalism, unbounded materialism and a constant effort to ‘succeed’.

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Meet Our Speakers

Raphaël Enthoven

Professor of philosophy and one of the most recognised French intellectuals and authors, Raphaël Enthoven views philosophy as a tool to deal with everyday events with the interest that they deserve. His desire to transmit and create bridges leads him to address many topics and provokes us to seek to understand before judging as well as be astonished by what we are used to seeing.

His energy and lucid delivery does not leave one indifferent!

Little Brother, Morales provisoires, Nouvelles morales provisoires etc.

Tanvir Bush

Novelist and photographer/filmmaker Tanvir Bush (Born and educated in England),  moved to Zambia, where, despite having been diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa (RP) a degenerative eye condition, she set up the Willie Mwale Film Foundation, working with minority communities, street-kids and people affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Her documentary ‘Choka!- Get Lost!’ was nominated for an international prize in 2001.

With failing eyesight, she returned to the UK to study, write and explore photography and also gained insight into her own strengths and weaknesses and discovered her own unique voice and love of writing, teaching and research.

Witch Girl, Cull

Bénédicte Paviot

Bénédicte Paviot is an Anglo-French TV and Radio journalist based in London. She is the UK Correspondent for the French international news channel, France 24 and reports for both their English and French 24-hour News Channels on major events in the UK: political, economic, social and cultural. From Brexit, UK elections,the EU and Scottish Referendums, EU elections, UK Budgets, Tax evasion, Terrorist attacks in the UK, Wikileaks, the conflicts in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, the Migrantsʼ crisis in the Med, to the London 2012 Olympics and big Royal events. Also, EU, G8 and G20 Summits and French and US elections.

She has worked as a news and current affairs presenter/reporter for: BBC World Service Radio, BBC World TV, BBC News 24, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 5 Live and Radio France Internationale. Previously, she was UK Correspondent for BFMTV and Business FM.

She is a regular contributor to news and current affairs programmes on BBC TV & Radio, Sky News, LBC, ITN…
She is the President of the Foreign Press Association in London.
In February 2017, she received the insignia of Franceʼs National Order of Merit.

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