A Question of Identity
June 26, 2019 | London

This event will connect people together in the presence of two engaging and thought provoking speakers:  Raphaël ENTHOVEN, a renowned and leading contemporary French philosopher and Dr. Tanvir BUSH, a British-born and Zambian raised author and certified visually impaired photographer.

Their personal experiences and philosophical take on what it means to exist in this new age of globalisation will be the subject of this evening.

A Question of Identity Conference

Ciné Lumière


A sweeping marble staircase will lead you to the newly refurbished, Ciné lumière – a great space for our conference.


Bénédicte Paviot

Bénédicte is an experienced international conference moderator, chairing EU – and government-sponsored conferences, debates and workshops in English and French – in the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the UAE.


Bénédicte Paviot


Tanvir Bush

Tanvir Bush will be touching on globalisation and the potential dichotomy between its ability to both connect and isolate disabled communities.  She will discuss her novel, Cull, a dark satire on the potential state-sponsored euthanasia of disabled and vulnerable people.  She says, ‘my research was deeply personal, based in part on my own experience as a disabled “client” of the UK’s social welfare system. I supported this as much as possible with facts, figures, and wider reading on the language of dehumanisation and the escalation of prejudice with regard to the social empowerment or otherwise of the disabled and poor in contemporary England.’ 

Tanvir Bush

Novelist & Photographer


Renowned chronicler from the other side of the channel, Raphaël Enthoven will invite some of the great pilosophers to refelect on our sense of belonging, on the construction of political and emotional borders of identity. 


Professor of philosophy

Question and answer session

Your opportunity to ask those burning questions directly to the speakers!


Book Signing and Cocktail Reception

Art Deco Library

19:30 – 21:30
Book signing and Cocktail Reception

Join us in the elegant and attractive wood panelled Art Deco Listed Library for delicous bites prepared from seasonal and local produce paired with French wines. This oppurtunity to exchange thoughts and interact with the guest speakers is key to why we do what we do.

Event catering by Elysia

Elysia Catering
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